"RENAISSANCE HALL" A Class Business Center

Exclusive location of “Renaissance Hall” on Vladimirskaya Square in the city center with its bustling life and in direct vicinity to Dostoevskaya and Vladimirskaya metro stations explains the major secret of that business center popularity.

The facility includes a compactly structured shopping part and an “A” class business center. The first four floors are occupied by shopping units. The rest of the floors – from the fifth and up to the eighth – house office blocks including elite offices commanding panoramic views to the magnificent Vladimirskiy Cathedral and the same-name square which can’t leave unadmiring neither the tenants nor their guests.
In the first floor the business center visitors are welcomed by a cozy café with a system of business lunches.

“Renaissance Hall” is a compact multi-functional complex combining a favorable location, modern design and high level of comfort.

Access - by foot:

  • From “Dostoevskaya” / “Vladimirskaya” metro stations – entrance from the metro vestibule;
    by car:
  • Access from Zagorodniy / Vladimirskiy avenues. Only 500m to Nevskiy avenue and less than 2km to Moskovskiy railway station.

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