Renaissance Development Has Opened Up The Apartments Sale In The New Tower Of Neva Towers, Moscow

Apartments in the new Tower are located in the floors from the 28-th up to 63-d, with the floors from the 4-th up to 26-th to be occupied by the offices.

The offering line has brought in a new product into the structure of the landmark Moscow-City quarter. In the new tower known as the Neva Towers project represented are the modern scenic 40-50 sq.m. studios commanding magnificent views of the city center and the sunset. In the new tower also available are the one-sleeping-room apartments with the areas from 60 sq.m., two-sleeping-room apartments with the areas from 100 sq.m. and corner three-sleeping-room apartments with the areas from 206 sq.m. The starting cost of the apartments is 15,8 mln. rbl.

The apartments in the new tower are offered by the developer under unique purchase conditions: an interest-free installment plan for 2 years with the initial installment from 5% or a 10% discount under condition of 100% one-time payment.

The demand for the apartments in the Neva Towers is very high – as of today, more than 60% of the apartments have been sold.

“According to the 2017 sale results for the Moscow-City, 8 from 10 sold apartments are accounted for the Neva Towers project. Well-thought-out concept, modern layout solutions, beautiful scenery characteristics and flexible purchase conditions made Neva Towers to be one of the most successful projects in its class in Moscow. I believe, sales in the new tower are well-worth to be expected to proceed at a high pace while the starting price offer is very attractive and the project readiness stage as well as its investment potential are high.» – Dmitry Khalin, managing partner of Savills in Russia.

Neva Towers is the flagship project of Renaissance Group of Companies which is being built in the Moscow-City area. The project includes two 65- and 79-storeyed towers joined together by a four-storeyed stylobate. The project concept envisages a club infrastructure and large green territory areas, including a private park with a swimming pool on the stylobate roof. The main function of the project – a residential one. The complex includes apartments with the areas starting from 40sq.m. 26 floors of one of the towers will be occupied by offices and the stylobate part will host a shopping mall. As of today, the project construction is being carried out at the 58-th and 16-th floors.

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