Corporate And Social Responsibility

Corporate and social responsibility is perceived as a top priority at Rönesans Holding. Commitment to clients, employees, local communities, and the environment comes first for Rönesans. Therefore, Rönesans has adopted some specific principles to become a trusted and responsible company and employer. According to these principles, Rönesans Holding cares about the health and safety of its employees, protects the environment, conducts business in an ethical manner, promotes local economies, and supports the social life of people.

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Partnering with the Communities and the Society

Rönesans Holding is not only responsible as a corporation, but also as a member of the societies it conducts business. Therefore, Rönesans gives great importance to social responsibility activities, such as share value or give back programs. Local Communities also receive the support of Rönesans through charity, sponsorship and donation programs. Rönesans Holding believes that its work has full value only then when it helps and shares with others.

Working side by side with customers, communities, contractors, government entities, and local organizations, helps Rönesans to establish common goals around project benefits and risks. This also allows Rönesans to tailor its social investments and volunteer efforts to improve access to basic community needs. Therefore, Rönesans is committed to supporting the communities that host its projects and offices. As a matter of fact, Rönesans Holding has established a specialized organization, the Rönesans Education Foundation (REV), to organize such community programs and social responsibility activities.


While on one hand, Rönesans increases its investments in Turkey and abroad rapidly, on the other hand, it gives great importance to social responsibility activities and education. In this regard, the Rönesans Education Foundation was founded in 2009 by Rönesans Holding Honorary Chairman Bekir Ilıcak, aiming to provide grants to undergraduate and graduate students. Since its foundation, the Rönesans Education Foundation is carrying out its activities with the contributions of the Ilıcak family. As a matter of fact, to this date, the Rönesans Education Foundation has already provided grants to more than 4,500 students. However, the Foundation has not limited its activities with providing grants only. Constructing schools and administrative buildings and donating them to educational institutions; building libraries or providing books, stationery and information technology equipments to needy village schools are only some of the other activities carried out by the Foundation

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Culture and Art

In addition to its social responsibility activities in the field of education and community development, Rönesans Holding supports also activities in the field of culture and arts. Some of the responsibility projects under culture and arts that Rönesans supports are as follows:

Rönesans is one of the sponsors of the worldwide known Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. 
Rönesans is the main sponsor of the 2014 International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, a film festival held annually since 1963 in Antalya. 
Rönesans Holding President Dr. Erman Ilıcak has been selected the Commissioner General for the Turkish delegation, to the 45th Europalia International Arts Festival, an arts festival held since 1969 and in which Turkey was chosen as the guest country in 2014.


Rönesans Holding is proud to support one of the oldest schools and sports clubs in Turkey, the TED Ankara Kolejliler Spor Kulübü (TED Ankara College Sports Club). Rönesans Holding is the main sponsor of Rönesans TED Ankara Kolejliler professional basketball team in the 2014-2015 basketball season. Moreover, the President of Rönesans Holding Dr. Erman Ilıcak holds also the presidency of Rönesans TED Ankara Kolejliler.

The TED Ankara College Sports Club was founded in 1954 and competes in the First Turkish Basketball League since 1966. They play their games at the Ankara Arena with a capacity of 10,400 seats. TED Ankara College reached the Eurocup quarterfinals in 2014.

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Rönesans Holding believes that protecting the environment and conserving the natural resources are very important for the operational life of a project. Therefore, Rönesans Holding generates sustainable alternatives in the design, construction and management of its projects, including reducing material requirements, waste to landfill, and water and energy use. In many urban and remote communities where Rönesans operates, it works collaboratively with different stakeholders to implement environmental sustainability programs to improve human health and local conditions, such as waste management, recycling, and conservation.

“Design the Sustainable Future” 
In order to generate awareness for sustainability and green buildings, an interuniversity Project contest has been organized under slogan of “Design the Sustainable Future”. Under scope of the contest which more than 1100 students made application to with 437 project groups, also seminars with theme of “Green Idea in Blue” have been organized with participation of almost 3000 students in 27 universities. In the Award Ceremony organized in İstanbul Modern on date March 9, 2015, while the team named 90760 formed of Yakup Kara, M. Fatih Pelit and İsmail Kocataş that participated in the contest from Kocaeli University won the first place, they became also the owners of the prize of amount 20 thousand TL. The second place was won by Titreyen Çizgiler (Trembling Lines) team established by İhsan Metin, Hazal Eraslan and Rafet Sunaçoğlu from Yıldız Technical University and 16 thousand TL was awarded to them. The third place of the contest went to Merve Merdan and Nur Çil, students of Dokuz Eylül University (September the Ninth University). The Sirkuladies team became the owner of the prize of amount 14 thousand TL, too. And, 5 projects under scope of the contest have acquired the right to win mention award of 10 thousand lira each.