Rönesans Holding has been acting in accordance with the environmental responsibility as well as has implemented sustainable strategies in order to prevent probable damages that may be caused by its projects. Through its strategies, Rönesans has undertaken various projects awarded by the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate issued by United States Green Building Council (USGBC) that is one of the most valuable certificates in the field of environment. With the incorporation of principles of continuous improvement and awareness of environmental responsibility to its corporate culture, Rönesans has been considered as the pioneer and leading company in its sector also in the field of environmental awareness and responsibility by designing, constructing and operating its projects in line with principles of sustainability.

Some of our strategies within the context of environmental responsibility are as follows;

Acting in line with environmental responsibility, Rönesans has become one of the prominent actors of its sector through its successful green building applications. Some of the projects of Rönesans, which have been awarded with the LEED certificate, are as follows;

  • Renaissance Pravda, the first and only office building of Russia to be awarded with the LEED Gold Certificate of Russia;
  • TED Rönesans College, the first private school of Turkey to be awarded with the LEED Gold Certificate,
  • The A-class office project, Renaissance Tower, the first high-rise building of Turkey that has received the LEED Platinum Certificate,
  • RönesansBiz Küçükyalı Office Project which is Turkey’s and Europe’s first Campus Project that has acquired the right to have LEED Platin Certificate;

In order to create awareness about sustainability and green buildings, a project competition among universities has been organized by Rönesans Holding with the motto of “Design the Sustainable Future”. In the context of the competition, for which 437 groups have applied, seminars with the theme of “Green Ideas in Blue” have organized in 27 universities with the participation of nearly 3,000 students.