The Project’s exceptional collaboration between leading architects, panoramic views, green garden and internal and external design solutions ensure that the Project delivers ultimate perfection and a unique experience on every level. Stepping into the Project is a sign that you’re going up in the world. The project aims not only meeting the expectation, but also to exceed them, providing exclusive internal and outdoor facilities that has been carefully considered.

The project includes apartments from 1 bedroom apartments, to penthouses (sqm from 50 to 250), serving variety needs of all potential residences. Every aspect of the apartments has been carefully considered to create effortlessly luxurious living spaces

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As a company with years of experience in the office industry, we have developed a reputation of providing a professional and personal services of the highest standards. Currently, we have 7 business centers and 3 ongoing projects in different regions of St. Petersburg. Our business centers have options to suit any working style both for startup projects and for large businesses. Collaborating with us, will give you the opportunity to work in an easy, flexible and professional environment.

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Organization and control of all working processes occurring on object, regulation of relations between the owner—manager and lessee

  • Preparation and updating of an annual consolidation plan of work of all services of the building
  • Preparation and updating of the annual budget of the building
  • The control over receipt of rents of the building
  • Representation of interests of the owner before Tenants
  • The organization of service of managers of the building
  • The organization of interaction and works of all serving structures of the building
  • The organization of the control of works of all serving structures of the building


  • Financial planning, accounting, the account of calculations with tenants and serving organisations


  • Development of the project (legal examination) of lease agreement
  • The state registration of the lease agreement
  • Legal examination of the contracts concluded with the foreign organisations
  • Support of execution of the lease agreements and other contracts


  • The organization and the control of development and carrying out of the advertising companies, granting of recommendations in carrying out of the advertising companies on the object
  • The organization and the control of development and carrying out of special actions (presentations, show, conferences, corporate celebratory actions, parties, seminars and others)
  • Granting recommendations in registration (design) of office of administration and general purpose places (reception, cafe, corridors) on object (the recommendation in selection of furniture, subjects of an interior, color decisions and others)


The service of technical operation Renaissance Property Management renders the services directed on effective service of object of the real estate, prolongation of its life cycle

  • Maintenance service of engineering systems of a building
  • The control of a power condition
  • Service of systems of electro supply
  • Service of systems of a heat supply
  • Service of ventilating systems and air-conditioning systems
  • Service of systems of cold supply
  • Service of system of water supply
  • Service of sewer systems
  • Service of security systems
  • Communication
  • Organization of the current, scheduled preventive and major overhaul


Complex cleaning will consist of daily morning or evening or night cleaning (chosen proceeding from convenience and technology of application), and also maintenance of cleanliness within the working day and general monthly cleaning.


Cleaning places of general purpose

  • Daily morning / evening cleaning
  • Day time supporting cleaning
  • General monthly cleaning
  • Complex cleaning and disinfection of the toilets
  • Cleaning of office premises

Daily morning cleaning

  • Day time supporting cleaning
  • General monthly cleaning
  • Single (operative) cleaning


  • Cleaning of underground parking place
  • Cleaning of parking in the courtyard of Business Center, and also cleaning of sidewalk before the entrance to the territory of the Business Center
  • Coordination of entrance and departure of transport to the territory of Business Center
  • Disinsection and deratization as adjoining territory, and also the building of Business Center


Performance of normative documents is the strict requirement of a legislature.

Carrying out of all works of system of maintenance service is impossible without observance of requirements design and the engineering specifications and the state rules.

  • Conducting the engineering specifications and characteristics sheet of object
  • Performance of requirements of legislative statutory acts, instructions and the maintenance instructions accepted on the territory of the Russian Federation, to them concern:
  • Rules on the device and operation of electro installations
  • Safety precautions regulations at operation of electro installations
  • Service regulations heat-consuming installations and thermal networks
  • Safety precautions regulations at operation heat-consuming installations and thermal networks of consumers
  • Fire prevention rulesRules on a labour safety
  • Safety rules for a gas facilities
  • Rules of the arrangement and safe operation of lifts


Includes interaction with the state bodies of the control and supervision. To them concern:

  • EnergonadzorEnergosbitLenenergo
  • Cable networks
  • Sanitary-and-epidemiologic station
  • Committee on town-planning and architecture of Petersburg
  • Committee on ground resources of Petersburg
  • Committee on management of the state property (KUGI)
  • Fire supervision
  • Gosgortekhnadzor and Committee on natural resources

Interaction provides:

  • Renewal of contracts
  • Renewal / reception of acts of the admission
  • Preparation of packages of the engineering specifications
  • Reception / optimization of specifications
  • Coordination, consultation under projects
  • Recommendations to projects
  • Achievement of arrangements on a compromise basis concerning instructions and acts
  • Carrying out of negotiations and meetings with the purpose of reduction of expenses by performance

Representation of interests of the owner with suppliers of municipal services provides interaction with representatives of Vodokanal,Energosbit and Thermal power station conducting the account of consumption of municipal services, the control of terms of exhibiting and the maintenance, correctness and conformity to treaty obligations of the exposed accounts, verification of conformity of exposed accounts to actual consumption of municipal services.

The contract of rent provides compensation of expenses of the Lessor on a current consumption of electric power by the Tenant. In office blocks counters of the electric power which indications are monthly fixed are established and under the act are coordinated with the Tenant. On the basis of acts the Lessor exposes accounts to the Tenant.

Having been developed 3 land mark shopping mall projects under the brand AURA, Renaissance Development currently holds and operates Aura Surgut and Aura Yaroslavl. Being regarded as the best shopping destinations in the cities, Aura shopping malls have always been a sign of quality and a place for successful business among retailers.

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