"RENAISSANCE CENTER" B+ Class Business Center

“Renaissance Center” business complex located in Vyborgskiy district of the city simultaneously meets the image and functional requirements offering to its tenants not only office spaces but also a business environment which is favorable for business development.

Good transport accessibility, a parking lot and a café for the tenants offering national Turkish cuisine will become a pleasant supplement to the commercially acceptable lease conditions.

An around-the-clock security and access control will protect you from unwelcomed guests and professional maintenance of the premises will create comfort for your business.

Owing to panoramic glazing you’ll be able, whatever the weather, to enjoy nice city views commanded from the top floors of the business center.

Each floor layout solutions would provide maximum flexibility required for creation of work spaces ultimately suitable for each particular tenant.

Access - by foot:

  • from “Ploschad’ Muzhestva” metro station - 10-minute walk
  • from “Polytekhnicheskaya” metro station - 15-minute walk;

Access -  by car:

  • Nearest exit roads to Toreza avenue which is one of the major thoroughfares in Vyborgskiy district or to Polytekhnicheskaya street which leads to the city center.

Additional access:

  • “Kushelevka” railway station - 2,1 km.

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