Renaissance Development in partnership with IPG.Estate launches CASE service office in Renaissance Hall business center

“CASE is a new concept of multifunctional office space and a response to modern trends. We note the growing demand for coworking spaces from freelancers, entrepreneurs, medium and large businesses. Today, a service office is often viewed as an alternative to the classic lease, ”says Ezgur Eyridzhe, member of the board of directors of Renaissance Development.

The project ( will be implemented in the very center of the city’s business and cultural life. Its uniqueness is not only in the location, partnership and professional team, but also in modern technological solutions, intelligently integrated into the existing model of the business center.

The author’s design project and the CASE logo were developed by the Renaissance Development team. The office has an area of ​​1200 sq.m. active construction and installation work is already underway. CASE is scheduled to open in August 2021.

“The IPG.Estate team allowed us to fully realize our creative ideas. Modern eco-style, bright colors and floral accents in combination with competent zoning and functionality are the distinctive features of this project, ”- note the architects of Renaissance Development.

“We are grateful to our partners for their professional approach to work, trust and willingness to experiment,” says Ivan Pochinshchikov, managing partner of IPG.Estate. “International experience and expertise of Renaissance Development designers have become a successful basis for the implementation of the CASE project. Renaissance Development, in our opinion, is one of the most reliable players in the office real estate market in Russia. We highly appreciate the prospects of our cooperation.”

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