RBC: Renaissance Development has become one of the fastest growing companies in the Moscow housing market

Renaissance Development was founded in St. Petersburg in 1999 to implement long-term real estate projects in Russia, is an investment division of the international holding Renaissance

The company became one of the largest owners of commercial real estate in St. Petersburg, and also sold large shopping centers under the Aura brand in Novosibirsk, Surgut and Yaroslavl.

Renaissance Development entered the Moscow residential real estate market in 2016 with the flagship project of the group of companies – the Neva Towers multifunctional complex in Moscow City. The company is a leader in high-rise construction (Renaissance Construction is the general contractor for the Evolution and Federation towers and Gazprom’s Lakhta Center headquarters in St. Petersburg) and has international expertise, so the choice was obvious.

The concept of Neva Towers was developed by an international team of architects – SPEECH (Russia), HOK (USA), FXFOWLE (USA) – who brought to life the current trends in architecture and modern construction in Europe and the USA. MFC Neva Towers received the LEED Gold certificate and became the largest multifunctional complex in Russia to receive this gold status. The first stage of Neva Towers was put into operation in November 2019.

From the start of apartment sales in September 2016 to the present, Neva Towers has been the best-selling premium-class apartment complex in Moscow and the most successful in Moscow City. At the end of 2019, more than a thousand apartments were sold – about 300 apartments are sold in the complex a year.

The success of the project was ensured by the product, the unique concept, modern optimal planning solutions, panoramic views, the reputation of the developer, as well as the unique conditions offered by the company.

Renaissance Development was one of the first to introduce white box finishes to the market, which are now implemented in many projects in Moscow, one of the first to offer an interest-free installment plan for two years with a 5% down payment or a 10% discount for a one-time payment, and one of the first to meet clients in a designer sales office equipped with multimedia presentation tools, as is customary in new European and American premium developments.

Thus, in three years Renaissance Development has become the fastest growing company in the residential real estate market in Moscow and has firmly taken high positions in the ratings of developers and premium and elite class projects.

Renaissance Development is currently considering the purchase of several projects in Moscow.

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